Subject: Your favourite place on earth?
Hi Ziners, For the Telegraph Travel Awards 2004, they sent more than 25,000 questionnaires - 20,000 through the post and 5,000 over the internet - to readers of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph who had been on at least two foreign holidays in the past 12 months and spent more than 500 per person on the holidays.

Their result - New Zealand is their favourite travel destination. Evidently Italy has been dethroned after years as the most popular destination. Most disappointing - Andorra, Belgium, Malta. I have never been to Andorra but I thoroughly enjoyed Belgium and Malta. Bruges and other small cities are charming and Malta's archaeological heritage is impressive.

There are other categories - for example, their favourite British city is York. Here, I agree!

For more details, see the article:

Frances Toronto, Canada