Subject: Re: Christmas / Holidays Away from Home
Dear Travelziners:

I recommend taking the road less traveled at Christmas and during the winter holidays.

Five years and three months ago my husband and I moved from the U.S.A. (northern California) to southern Germany. Our goal was to work and live there for 2 or "maybe" 3 years. Now, someone will have to pry our hands off the doorway of our apartment (in a 3-hundred- year-old, 1/2 timber, tithe barn) and drag us to the airport to send us back "home".

Anyway, I am a past member of TheTravelzine. I surfed in on a winter night 5 years ago looking for information on Slovenia. Thank you Linda and Don for a nice set of footsteps to follow during our subsequent trips there.

At this time, I can't be an active member, but I hope that I can "listen in" and read your travel tales, gain some information, and contribute occasionally.

Jane near Stuttgart, Germany