Subject: Re:Your favourite place on earth?
Hi Frances,

Well I don't take "at least 2 holidays in the past 12 months", nor do I spend "more than 500 per person on the holidays." - but I definitely do agree that New Zealand is my favorite travel destination.

One can, of course, spend as much as one likes (and can afford), but NZ is a lovely place to visit on a budget too. The hostels are marvelous and have private rooms, sometines with own bathrooms. They are available everywhere. Travel by long-distance coach/ferry/train is inexpensive and easy. Food is available in markets, open stalls, local groceries and easily cookied in the hostel kitchen Most of them provide full kitchen facilities, utensils and so on.

It is a totally different kind of trip than to Italy of course, being basically for nature lovers.

Don't hesitate, no matter what your budget! NZ is definitely the place to go!

BTW - I also went off season, in October, and the weather was marvelous.

Debby - Israel