Subject: Re: New Member in Thailand
Sunsaree, Sawaskee-ka

We love your country Thailand. We are scheduled for a 3 weeks April. Of course we would like to be around for Son Kron, either in Bangkok or Pattaya. We also want to schedule a trip over to Cambodia and Angor Wat. We are thinking that might be a three or four day trip. We'd like to wander up to Sukothai and spend at least a couple of days seeing the old temples there. We could probably get a car and driver for that or is better to catch a commuter flight?

Other things we are looking at is possibly a short cruise on the Mekong. We are seeing some short three day trips that look pretty interesting and inexpensive. We are also looking into flying over to Burma for a four or five day tour that would include the temple city at Bagan. Do you have any suggestions, and do you think that we could book these kinds of trips a lot cheaper in Bangkok rather than from here. We would welcome any suggestions.

Pam and Danny in Phoenix