Subject: Misleading Travel Writing (was Montreal)
Frances, I am startled by the Telegraph article and think, in some respects, the writer is way off target. Stay at the Ritz, he suggests. Wow. We know what his budget is!

But what I found baffling is his advice to a first-time visitor to skip Old Montreal because he says its too touristed. Well it's touristed because it is so rich in history and beautiful buildings and quality restaurants if you look beyond the fast food. Then, he recommends the Auberge les Passants du Sans Soucy on rue St-Paul, which is Old Montreal! I checked his website and most of his restaurant recommendations are for ethnic food. Not a single bistro or quality French restaurant included.

Travel writers can be an ornery sort and sometimes the place bears no resemblance to the paragraphs in the travel book. Carcassonne was one such place for me. Touted in all the guides, I found it depressing in parts but once we started to walk around the walls and after a fabulous lunch we decided that all was not as it seems. Though we likely won't return, we did manage to find something positive for the day.

I wonder what experiences Ziners have had - good or bad - when the travel write-up didn't match the personal experience? Lucy, Toronto