Subject: Estonia
Hi Ziners,

Firstly, many thanks for the info. and suggestions about Hadrian's Wall. As always they'll get us on track.

Our travelling companions have a dilemma. The organised tour they were due to take after leaving Scotland, to Ireland & France, has been cancelled. As a result they are weighing up whether to do either an escorted tour of the "best of Finland, Russia and Estonia" that includes Helsinki, St Petersburg, Novgorod, Moscow, Minsk, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn; or a slightly longer tour that includes Berlin, Warsaw, Minsk, Moscow, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

I'll check the mirror archives for them tonight, but off the top of your heads - do you think Estonia and Latvia would be more interesting than Scandinavia? My friends' interests include classical music, and one of them has a mobility impairment which prevents long walks. I have told them the latter trip is probably the better, but I speak with no first-hand knowledge. (Yes, I have been trying to recruit them to the Zine). Your impressions would be very appreciated.

Cheers Sally (from Sydney)