Subject: Re: Christmas / Holidays away from home
Hi Ziners:

Being in Sydney form Christmas will feel a little strange. It will be warm even hot and many will celebrate the holday as a secular event, there are family parties and gifts exchanged.

The food aspect depends on the family. Many do as has been described and eat an English style meal of Roast meats and vegs others have gone to lighter faire salads and BBQ. Yet others and there are many will eat the foods of their culture. Many will take the opportunity to go on holidays as there is a school break so the beach is a popular place.

Australia is a young country. Its traditions are not as regionalised and ingrained as in areas of North America. When I was a little girl I wondered why we were singing about snowmen when it was 90 degrees and why my mother insitsted on Roast Beef all the trimmings, Plum pudding and trifle for desert. So which ever way you want to go Roast beef or a lusious lobster salad on the beach I do hope you enjoy our county and get a little smile as you sing of snow men on a sunny Sydney day.

Gay LeJeune. Huntsville Alabama.