Subject: Re: Estonia
Hello Sally:


you didn't give us the lenght of either of those tours. But the second one seems crazy to me.


Means at least 4 different cultural areas - even if you don't make a difference between Sweden and Denmark resp. Poland and Russia. (plus a looooong journey overall)

<<"best of Finland, Russia and Estonia" that includes Helsinki, St Petersburg, Novgorod, Moscow, Minsk, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn;>>

Still different areas here - but at least they have a certain connection. The baltic countries are culturally kind of a mixture between Russia and Finland (yeah, simplifying here), so I'd say this makes much more sense.

To decide which of those journeys means less walking one would have to go thru the schedules. May I just add that my elderly mother who has problems to walk also often complains when she has to sit in a bus for too long? So - the longer your distances the more travelling, the less time to relax.

Just my 5c

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