Subject: RE: Hadrian's Wall
Hi Sally,

In October 1996 I was taking trains from London to Edinburgh and then on to Isle of Skye (unfortunately stopping short at Mallaig due to weather, and ferry timetables) and along the way I stayed a couple of nights in Carlisle so as to view Hadrian's Wall. I wouldn't necessarily recommend my hotel - it was just a pub hotel right near the train station but it was clean and convenient. The Info Centre there advised me that my two bus options for the Wall (and please note that I was using public transport so that was a significant restriction) were the Roman Fort Museum or Birdoswald.

I ended up taking the bus driver's advice and hopped off at Birdoswald and had three hours to look through their museum, stroll around the site, and walk the wall a-ways. I had lots of time at the Wall and in the visitor's centre there. I remember vividly walking along the wall (watching your step VERY carefully!), looking at the wall meandering off into the distance, the blackening sky meeting the green fields... then nearly falling off the Wall as two fighter jets zoomed over the top of me with their almost sonic boom scaring me witless!

(In hind sight I probably should not have added my weight and wear to the Wall that had already survived thousands of years of history...) :)

Megan in Brisbane, Australia