Subject: Re: Buenos Aires sides trips
Hi Eric, The trip to Iguazu is first in my preference list, do not loose hope you might get tickets. Most travel agencies sell packages and you will be better off buying a package than going any other way. If you need a reliable travel agency I can recommend you one. It is a trip worth doing, believe me.

In Buenos Aires do not miss the show at Seņor Tango, I saw it during my last trip to Buenos Aires ( September 2004) and is excellent. Even the including dinner was good. I had a superb New York Steak. There are day trips to several Estancias which are good.

If you are in the mood for a bucolic, quiet, week end with golf or tennis and a quaint small spa as well as been pampered in many ways the Four Season's at Carmelo Uruguay is a good option. ( a short trip from Bs As) Again there are packages. I am not fond of packages but in these cases you can save a lot .

If you have more specific questions please let me know and I shall try to answer them. Buena Suerte in Argentina and Uruguay, Graziella Miami Beach.