Subject: Re: National Parks
Hi Mark, My favorite national park of all time is Waterton National Parks on the AB, BC, ID border. There's something about the combination of rocky peaks, scenic fields and mountain lakes that appeals to me. The wildlife is stunning too. It could be that I first went there when I was 15 and decided that I was going to be the Head Naturalist there one day. I was lucky enough to have had a family friend who had that job many years ago now.

Second is definitely Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island's west coast. It's wild and rugged and everything you would think "the west coast" should be. Lots of tide pools to explore, huge waves to body surf (for the brave) and sandy beaches to enjoy. The huge trees hug the coast-line and create a picturesqe feel. We went up there in december a few years ago and it was maybe more wonderful than the summer because there was no-one else there!

But then, Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan is pretty cool due to the geography: the Canadian shield of lakes, rock and trees on an undulating template is wonderful, and the history of Grey Owl (aka Archey Belaney, a beaver conservationist of the 1930's) was pretty romantic growing up as a nature lover in the area.

Donna Nanaimo