Subject: Re: Christmas / Holidays Away from Home
Greetings! In Portugal, we have " Missa do Galo", a church service on Christmas eve at midnight. We exchange gifts on Christmas morning. Los nuestros hermanos, the spanish, exchange gifts on the 6th of January, wich we call "Dia de reis"(Covadonga, correct me if I'm wrong). On christmas eve, it is costumary to eat CodFish and on Christmas day, Lamb. And, of course, lots of tipycal Christmas pastries, like filhoses (little cakes made of either carrots or pumpkin and fried in vegetable oil. My mother specialized in carrots.) and many other delicious things which I won't mention now because it's lunch time and..well, you know.. ;_)

I have a friend that is married to a Russian girl and their kids are very fortunate as far as Christmas is concerned. Portuguese and Russians celebrate Christmas on diferent days and they decided to celebrate it both ways so that their children would know of both their parents traditions. That way, they get presents on two different ocasions.

Bye, Rui from Lisbon