Subject: Re: National Parks
Mark, I have been to national parks in the US, Canada and England and can say without reservation that they are my favorite places to visit. Those of us who enjoy the outdoors should be very grateful that our governments have been able to protect these natural treasures. I like the mountains best of all so my favorites include Banff and Yoho in Canada (the Canadian Rockies top the US Rockies in my opinion); Lake District National Park in England (has it all - peaks, valleys, streams, tranquil lakes, villages, even mystical stone circles); and many in the US - Grand Teton, Arches, Mount Rainier, Acadia, Denali, Rocky Mountain, Yosemite. That does not include wilderness areas, national monuments, national forests, state parks, regional parks, etc. which are often as worthy of a visit. The one that is at the top of my list to see next is Glacier in Montana. I may have to combine it with nearby Waterton given Donna's endorsement. I guess now is a great time for me to start planning and getting in shape for an excursion there next summer. Mark at sea level in Los Angeles