Subject: Re: Travel talk for a change...
Hi, Linda... I like a hotel room that is clean and comfortable and well located. For us, that means the 6th arrondissement or close to it. We usually shoot for 3 star hotels in Paris, but we did stay in a 2 star hotel, and it was fine. We don't spend much time in the hotel, but we do want it to be comfortable, and it must have an elevator. We enjoy good meals, but not terribly expensive meals. I spend the year researching restaurants that are within our budget... around 60 to 80 euros for the meal, complete with wine. Some of our favorites are:

Baracane 38, rue des Tournelles 75004 Tel: 01 42 71 43 33

Le Perraudin 157, rue Saint Jacques 75005 Tel: 01 46 33 15 75

Brasserie Balzar 49, rue des Ecoles 75005 Tel: 01 43 54 13 67

Fontaine de Mars 129, rue Saint Dominique 75007 Tel: 01 47 05 46 44

We only eat one meal at that price a day, though. Other than that, we'll have crêpes, a snack from a boulangerie, or a sandwich or salad in a café. As someone mentioned, they see things at home translated to the price of a plane ticket :-) I can't think how many times I've thought of doing something and thought, "That's half the price of a ticket." Best, Sandy in Illinois