Subject: Buenos Aires side trips
Hi Erik - I'm just so envious - going to Buenos Aires one of my most favorite cities! Firstly, the full day trip to a ranch (which the Argentineans call Estancia)which some other member mentioned can be booked after you arrive. Your hotel will probably even be able to book it for you. If not, they will put you in touch who those who can. It, by far, is a tremendous bargain and whoever you book with will pick you up at your hotel and return you there as well. Another full day trip we found just wonderful was going to Colonia, Uruguay. It's a very old Spanish colony with plenty of terrific ruins . To be honest with you, I'm sorry we didn't stay over night and return the next day It's just wonderful to wonder around at a very leisurely pace which couldn t be done going on a tour. Again, your hotel can help you with these arrangements. If you put either of these two into your browser, you'll get more detailed information, I'm sure.

Also, if you put in Buenos Aires city tours, or one day trips from Buenos Aires, you'll more than likely come with something that may be of some help. They'll offer you the opportrunity to book your tours online, but we chose not to because we weren't exactly sure of our specific schedule until we arrived. Hope this helps some. Cheers, Rose - Los Angeles