Subject: Re: Great Barrier Reef
Leslie, Depends on where you want to stay. You'll fly into Cairns and could stay there if you like. There are some nice hotels in Cairns, I hear. We always drive about 2 hours north to the Port Douglas / Daintree area, so I can't recommend any places in Cairns.

In the Raintree Forest, we stay at a very lovely place called Silky Oaks Lodge In Port Douglas itself, there are many hotels from small and inexpensive to the glitzy Sheraton or the Radisson. There are other eco-friendly lodges in the area. For island resorts, there's Dunk Island, Heron Island and Lizard Island. I've never been to any of them, but I hear they're quite spectacular. Silky Oaks can easily be found by a google search. They're owned by P&O Resorts and they own resorts on some of the other islands as well as all around Australia.

I'm not a diver but my husband is and he arranges his own dives. He's used QuickSilver which is the biggest in the area and they're very good. He's an advanced diver and has used Haba Dive and liked them even better because of where they took him to dive in the reef. There are many dive operations in Port Douglas that you'd be able to chose from. Candice NYC