Subject: driving Melbourne to Sydney
Hi Terry,

If you are planning to drive from Melbourne to Sydney you will find the south coast of NSW around Bega up to Nowra/Berry area is full of dairy farms. Eden is interesting, it used to be a whaling area and is very pretty. We visited a museum there a few years ago about the whaling and found it very interesting.

Bega is famous for Bega Cheese, a nice cheddar style. Central Tilba, and Tilba Tilba ( a bit off the coast) are also really good areas to visit, and also have beautiful cheeses, but to be honest the whole coast there is beautiful, which is why it's called the "Sapphire Coast". There's plenty of motel-style accommodation in all the coastal areas, sorry I can't recommend anything as last time we stayed overnight it was in Bateman's Bay in a motel, and it was pretty forgettable! There are B&Bs but again I've never stayed in one here in Oz, they're often out of our price range. Bateman's Bay has plenty of restaurants etc, it's a bit larger than some of the other towns because it's quite convenient to Canberra and lots of people have weekenders there.

Have a look at for info about Eden; for info. about the area in general, or and follow the links to "south coast" of NSW for info about the Tilba area to get started.

Our school holidays start about a week before Christmas and continue through until the end of January. Although you will be here before this time, if your heart is set on staying somewhere specific I would recommend you book. Lots of retired people / people with young children / and the budget conscious take their annual leave before the school holidays because the prices escalate often dramatically during all school holidays but especially at this time of the year. If you don't want to book ahead, there are Tourist Information Centres at most of the small towns that will help you find accommodation.

Have a great stay. Cheers, Sally (from Sydney)