Subject: Re: Five hours in New York and Bombay
Pam, Lucy, LGA is located in Elmhurst Queens with plenty to see and do as well as right near Astoria which has 500,000 Greeks living there and all that comes with it in the way of stores, restaurants, churches.Jackson Heights with its huge Latin poulation of south and central Americans is also nearby. There are movie houses in Elmhurst not too far from LGA. All that said, I think you will find you will barely have the time needed to collect your bags ( if they're not transfered for you), wait for shuttle to JFK then check -in for the International part of your trip which could be 2 hours or so. To try and add a movie to this seems like you would risk missing your plane to India. To try and do stuff by JFK is not a reality. It is in a less than great part of the city. Plus what will you do with all your bags while you go to a movie? If time allowed I would maybe take a short taxi to Astoria for some sightseeing and lunch then get to JFK. LGA - JFK can take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour depending on all the things mentioned about the Van Wyck Expessway. Once in JFK it can take from 5 minutes to 30 or more to get to your terminal. If it is a Friday afternoon it will be the latter. Sorry to be the voice of reason but a movie is not realistic with just 5 hours between flights. Bring some cards or maybe Scrabble and find a comfy area to hand out in. But if you insist, Jackson Triplex or the Kaufman multiplex 14 are the 2 closest theaters (15 minutes or so by taxi) to LGA. You can find either one on google or search movie times and use zipcode 11106. Good Luck, David USA