Subject: Suggested travel itinerary Italy
Hello Ziners! I'm graduating from university in a couple of days and for December/January my parents have helped me out with a trip to Europe! The first 24 days will be with a Contiki tour and are pretty much planned but when I get back to London my Mum is flying in and together we will be exploring Italy together. At this point in time we will be travelling to Italy by train with a stop in Paris. Nothing much has been planned because I have had to focus on my studies (and not get too excited) but after looking at the travel logs I really want to go to Como, Cinqua Terre, Florence, Naples, Rome, Venice and other places. I'm really interested in the food and culture of Italy and I really cant wait to go. We will be going for almost 3 weeks. One of my questions is, because we will be going in January, is it worth going to coastal areas such as Cinqua Terre (Spelling?). I'd really like to go there because its been recommended so much but is anything going to be open? We only have the three weeks so we want to make it a great trip. Are there any other suggestions on where to go? Bearing in mind it will be in winter? Looking forward to your reply. Katie, Brisbane Australia