Subject: A New Question About Australia
Hi Ziners, I received such helpful responses to my earlier post, for which I am very grateful, that I am emboldened to ask another question.

In my work life here in B.C., I teach First Nations people, mainly in their own communities all over the Province. During my 5 weeks in southern Australia, in addition to doing the usual touristy things, I would really like to gain a deeper insight into issues facing Aboriginal people there. I know there is a University near Melbourne with a department serving Aborigines, and I plan to contact its faculty members. Beyond that, I haven't yet researched other possible contacts.

I am wondering whether, in the large network of Ziners, there may be some who could offer suggestions of people to speak to, services or centres to visit, or other experiences that would help me to learn more about Australian Aboriginal life today? Any thoughts will be appreciated! All the best, Terry Adler West Vancouver, B.C.