Subject: Re: Suggested travel itinerary Italy
Hi Katie, Winter is not the best time to visit the lake district: many shops, hotels and restaurants are closed and the weather is a bit dull. Yes, Como is still a city so you'll find many places open (museums, cathedral, ...) but I guess you think to take lake trips and would like to visit the beautiful lake villas or towns like Bellagio. Well, be aware that many villas are closed during winter time and small touristic towns, like Bellagio, are really empty and many places are closed: you will fell lonely. Moreover you could be disappointed compared to your expectations that are related to the spring or summer time. About Cinqueterre, despite the weather is mild, winter is still low season and you'll find just some retired people from inland (mainly from Milan area) spending some weeks in the mild seaside. I think that big cities are your best bet during winter time even though Cinqueterre could be fine for just a couple of days. That is my 2 cents. Enjoy Italy, Marco in Milan - Italy