Subject: Christmas Day lunch in N.Y. City?
Hello Ziners, We are travelling to the U.S. next month and will spend a week in San Francisco (our daughter is studying at Berkeley), a week in New York .....and then a month in Italy. I'd been told by a friend that we should plan to have Christmas Day lunch at the Plaza Hotel and I thought it sounded like a fabulous idea. However, I have since explored that option online and decided against it, mostly because it is rather expensive and would eat into our holiday budget in a big way. Another factor, I guess, is that it seems as though people get really dressed up and we won't have that sort of clothing with us. Any ideas on where we could have lunch on Christmas Day please? I don't mean a "cheap and cheerful", but someplace in the moderate price range. Our hotel is on Lexington Avenue but we love to walk so we are flexible as to location. One more thing - would we be able to get by in NY with a warm jacket, or will we need a full length coat? Rather a naive question, I guess, but at this point in time we don't own a coat. Thanks so much - any suggestions would be appreciated. Margaret. Sydney - Australia. (a beautiful Spring day)