Subject: Re: Christmas Day lunch in N.Y. City?
Maggie, I used to go to the movies every christmas day in Manhattan ( when I lived there) for many years. It has been as cold as 4 degrees and as warm as 40. These are in farenheit not celsius. Bring lots of layers or a heavy coat. Gloves, scarves, hats or ear muffs will be helpful. Or better yet go shopping! For dinner try posting your question here and the answers will fly in. New york has thousands of choices. You will certainly find that many ethnic restaurants will be open since christmas is not their holliday. That said, christmas day is very , very quiet in NYC since most places like to give their staff the day off. The last restaurant I worked at in NY was Yellow Fingers on 60th street. Open 365 days. Or it was back in '89 when I was there. Good Luck, David