Subject: Re: Warm Ultra-Lightweight Clothing
Hello Sue: A couple of years ago I looked into waterproof outerwear such as Goretex. There are numerous studies which can be found on the web. Nevertheless it seemed that in all the studies breathability was the key to comfort, i.e., the better the breathability, the more comfortable the jacket. After looking for weeks I finally found a Marmot Goretex jacket at REI. It is extremely light and can roll up into a very small package. The thing is ultra light and ultra thin. It was supposed to have a high breathability rating, but it is without a doubt one of the warmest things I own. It sheds water like a duck, but it does not breathe well at all. It has zippered vents under the arms and I have had to use those liberally. Yet it has kept me dry and warm at sea, in howling rain storms, cross-country skiing, etc. I would not trade it, but even on the coldest days I have yet to need anything more than a light sweater under it. While I do not have a set, I understand that there are pants to match it. As with any of the microfiber products, expect to pay handsomely for the better brands. I got mine on sale at around $200 USD. Tom in Carlisle.