Subject: Re: Iceland.. Needs suggestion
Hi Julia, I was in Iceland for five nights several years ago. We arrived mid day, walked around town for the rest of the afternoon, and joined prebooked tours for the remaining days. One day was a group tour, the next day we flew from the community airport to northern parts and toured with a group, and another day we were picked up at our hotel by a private guide and a jeep for another tour. The last day we had a half day hike and in the afternoon we hit the public hot and steamy swimming pools in town. Each tour was unique with different types of guides and different difficulties of hiking and in a variety of vehicles. I would suggest investigating some of the different types of tours before you go. That way, the first full day of your stay you will have a ready made activity for the day. We did not find Rekjavik very interesting and our half day walk about was plenty.

We had absolutly wonderful food. I am a lamb lover and had lamb four nights in a row at very fancy, elegant and beautifully appointed restaurants. My companions had fish every night and everyone was satisfied. Be sure to bring your bathing suit. We also swam in an outdoors swampy sort of hot springs in the woods and if i recall, our hotel had a pool. I did not do the planning for out trip but I remember the hotel that we desired was already booked six months in advance when we tried to get a reservation. The hotel that we finally used was utilitarian but not what we desired. Our trip was memorable and we talk about returning again. Bettina Jerusalem