Subject: Re: Iceland.. Needs suggestion
Hi Julia, I went to Iceland in March a couple years ago. It's a good time to go to avoid lots of tourists, but it is on the cool side. Fortunately, nearly every town has a heated pool and "hot pots." I didn't take a tour, but I stayed on the ring road. If you want to go to the inner part of the country, you'll need a 4WD. I'm not sure what advantages a tour would give - except make plans for you (I prefer to do my own.) Lonely Planet and Insight Guides have good books and English is widely spoken. I also had thought about going to Greenland. But I was warned that air schedules can be unreliable and there was a chance of flying there and getting stuck there - bad if you have a limited time. Instead I took a little trip to the Faroe Islands for a weekend. If you have some specific questions, please let me know - I really enjoyed my trip! Marguerite in Chicagoland