Subject: Trip to Sedona, Arizona
Hi Ziners, I am still basking in the glow of my recent trip to Sedona, Arizona! I went for a work related conference and stayed at a wonderful resort, The Enchantment. The red rocks surrounding me were awesome, and the cool sunny mornings warmed up nicely to the low 70's by the afternoon. We visited the Grand Canyon (South Rim) and attempted to partially walk down the Bright Angel Trail but it was too icy to continue very far. The jeep tour in Sedona was a lot of fun and the Verde Canyon Rainroad was very enjoyable and relaxing. Driving through route 89 through Oak Creek Canyon was beautiful although very twisty and turny and quite close to the edge at times! There is a spa at the resort, but I didn't have time to take advantage of any services; however hubby and son were left behind at home and I did enjoy that!! Regards, Marcia Orchard Park, New York