Subject: Re: China with Imaginative Traveller
Hello Sukior and other Ziners! I went with Imaginative Traveler on their China an rInsight tour in May. Good trip and good guide. Started in HK, then did the Li River - which was magnificant - with several days staying outside Yangshu in a comfortable lodge where we biked and talked around the area. Then to Chonging and the Yangtze cruise - there were 7 Westerners aboard which was fun! Took an ancient overnight train to Xian where we did the terra cotta soldiers - even more impressive than I had imagined. Then briefly in Shanghai. Entrained again overnight to Beijing but this time, a very new modern fast machine, the antithesis of the first train. This was their Traveller class tour, so hotels were 3* with some amenities, well located. The only basic was the Yuchang-Xian train; I just lay down on the bunk and slept, didn't change into night garb. I thought they did a good job and would go with them again. In fact, I was set to go with them to Vietnam over Xmas but not enough were interested in a holiday trip, so they cancelled. Adventure Centre got me on with Peregrine (an Australian company) for a similiar trip. Another company handled by Adventure Centre is Explore - I just returned from their Hidden Kingdom trip and it was similiar to the IM Traveller tour standards. There is also Exodus and Intrepid who travel at a similiar pace. Adventure Center handles one of them, I believe. Are you dealing with Maz? She's really nice and good about getting you on the right track. Good luck with your plans! jo, back in Sunnyvale