Subject: Re: Walking holidays in Europe
Hi Ziners, A reply from Jerry that he said I could share with you: We've looked into walking tours, too. The interesting ones that we've found all seem to work out to about $US 300 a day p/p. That's half a week's rent for a comfortable self-catering apartment.

Some years ago, the late NBC-TV news anchor, John Chancellor wrote an article for the Sunday NY Times travel section on how he did his UK Cotswolds walking tours. He would get to a place like Chipping Campden and overnight in a B&B. The next morning, he would book that night's stay in a B&B a day's walk away and contract with the local taxi to deliver his luggage to that B&B. And thus he would tour the area, repeating the process each day.

I've never tried to cost out this kind of tour but clearly it should come in far less expensive than $US 300 a day. Sag support would be no problem, either. You just ask Mobal ( ) for one of their free refurb/rental-return Euro GSM phones. $US 1.25 a minute connect time charged to your credit card, no monthly fees, and no expirations. That way, if you should poop out enroute, you can call the local taxi for sag service. Cheers, Frances Toronto, Canada