Subject: Re: Help with Italy trip in May
Margaret and Les, I agree with Molly that one day in Rome is not enough, especially if you are flying there from Toronto, because you will be jet-lagged on the first day. Why not spend three nights, which will give you two full days, then head to Siena? We have used trains in Italy and generally found them to be good, but we now rent a car for our trips. We have even been fortunate enough to find parking in Florence. In Venice, we stayed on the Lido (car ferry from the mainland) but this would not be our first choice because we have stayed in Venice proper and it's a very special place to be during the evenings and nights. Driving in Italy is fine. The highways are fast and it does give you the opportunity to explore. Having said this, however, be prepared for some "interesting" driving down the Amalfi Coast. It is spectacular and extremely scenic, which translates to scary at times. On this part of our trip, we combined the Trans Vesuviano from Naples and local buses to explore the coast. While on the Coast, you will not want to miss Capri. We took a boat from Sorrento and spent the day on the island but would want to stay overnight the next time. We also took the ferry from Naples to Palermo, which stopped in a few ports in the Aeolian Islands. It was a great trip. We spent a week in Sicily and particularly liked Syracusa. As you are travelling in May, book your Rome, Siena, Venice and Florence hotels now. These are very busy places and sometimes it seems as though all the world is visiting. Have a great trip. Lucy, Toronto