Subject: Re: Help with Italy trip in May
Hi Margaret and Les, Your 21 days in Italy will be a great trip. However, I would start with one suggestion. That is to fly into Milan instead of Rome. You can then work your way down the country instead of going into Rome and then north and then back south. This would save you some travel time.

I have never rented a car in Italy so I cannot comment on most of your driving ideas. However, to enjoy the Amalfi Drive your first time, I suggest you do not drive it yourself. There are something like 1200 curves between Sorrento and Salerno, including many switchbacks. There are driving services you can contract or you can take a local bus. I have done it both ways. You might want to check out the driving service I used for the Amalfi Drive. In fact I took four trips with Sorrento Limo. The website is The owner of the company is Gennaro Ruocco. He is very personable. Besides the trips on the website, I know his company will do privately designed trips. They meet cruise ships too.

I just have to add--don't short change Rome. It is a remarkable city. You mention only one day there. Please consider adding more. Sincerely, Joan in Rockford