Subject: walking and hiking tour info needed
Dear Ziners, Unfortunately, Fred and I go "solo" when we go walking/hiking around the globe so we can't help with tour groups -- We do, however, have loads of trail information in many areas (mostly, the Pyrenees, Greece, South Island of New Zealand, the Sawtooth, and the Adirondacks) should anyone need individual help in planning hikes or stops along the way.

What I do need now is some help with tours in South America if anyone has any information.

We are trying to put together a big trip to Patagonia this winter and have scouted out some guided tours that sound very promising. What I wondered is if anyone in our vast group has heard anything about any of these groups. We have checked out many and have chosen these because they seem legit, they are small and they do more heavy-duty hiking (mostly all day), not just a few miles a day It seems that they (from what I can glean) are into the ecological/nature aspect of the area as opposed to placing equal importance on the lodging/food aspect of the trip ( which, incidentally is fantastic, but we prefer to concentrate on hiking on these types of vacations) If anyone has any information on these groups, I'd really appreciate some help.

The American group that we seem to like the best is Above the Clouds. The others are: Muir tours Patagonia tours Cascada tours Many thanks in advance!! Susie Newton, MA