Subject: Re: Help with Italy trip in May
Hi Margaret and Les, Two years ago, my husband and I spent five weeks in Italy in April and May. We landed in Milan and rented a car and then headed to lake Como where we spent a few days touring around. We then headed for Venice and stayed just outside the city on the mainland. We did this because we had free parking at the hotel and a ten minute bus trip took us right to the Vaporetto. We spent a few days there and then drove through Tuscany and Umbria. We then went to Cinqueterra. Because we had the car, we avoided Florence and Rome on this trip. Last year we were in Florence for ten days and took train trips to Pisa and Lucca. This year we went to Rome for a week and then took a ferry to Palermo and then travelled by train around Sicily. Rome and Florence are magnificent cities. You can't even begin to see them in a few days. The first time we went to Italy we tried to cram Rome, Pompei and Sorrento all into one week. It was impossible to see everything - let alone try all the restaurants recommended by fellow Ziners. I would be glad to answer any queries you may have. Penny in sunny Toronto