Subject: Spain in April

My wife and I are planning on going to Spain for 3 weeks in April. We are flying into Barcelona staying a couple of nights and then renting a car. We will drive down the coast, visit Gibraltar and head for Seville. What towns and areas along the coast do you recommend??

Once in Seville, and depending on our time remaining, we will either keep the car and drive into Portugal, spend a day or two in Lisbon and drive back to Seville to drop off the car. If Lisbon is not reasonable to reach due to time constraints, we will take the high speed train from Seville to Madrid. We plan on exploring around Madrid then flying out of Madrid for San Francisco. Besides Toledo, what other sights in or near Madrid would be good to visit?

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated! Is a trip to Morocco a possibility#and is it safe? We plan on seeing Cordoba and Toledo but what other areas did the readers find wonderful?? What about housing along the way....any good pointers?? My wife and I travel quite a bit so we are not afraid to strike out on our own#.I just like to be armed with as much information as possible! Please feel free to relate your experiences.

Thanks, Frank Garcia California USA