Subject: Re: Spain in April
Frank, You have an ambitious itinerary, which can be done (I would do it) but you may not stop as often as you wish. I understand that most North American travellers from Spain visit Ceuta in North Africa for a "taste" of the continent because it feels comfortable and safe and there are day trips available. Not having been there, I can't comment.

However, I can comment on Morocco. We took the ferry from Cadiz to Tangier and immediately took the train to Rabat, where we stayed a night, and then on to Fez. We spent four days in the country, so only dipped our toes in these waters. It was a long time ago but still figures large in our memories. We were comfortable in Rabat and less so in Fez, but I put this down to a completely new experience. We had never travelled outside of North America or Europe before this trip. The hospitality of the Moroccans was wonderful, however, and in the end our (my) concerns came to naught. We ate well and, because we visited during Ramadan, enjoyed a nightlife that might not otherwise be the standard.

While in Madrid, I'd suggest San Lorenzo de el Escorial, the mausoleum of Spanish monarchs. It's about 40 kilometres north of Madrid. We found that el Escorial gave us new insight into the history of the Spanish monarchy - it's a serious place - not to be confused with the Spanish people who are vivacious. Here's a site to check:

We have been twice to Toledo. Try to stay overnight to enjoy the atmosphere of this wonderful place.

I agree with Rui. Go to Granada and Rhonda if they fit into your itinerary. Lucy, Toronto