Subject: Re: Ryanair: no more checked baggage?
Hi Ziners:

No more checked luggage is another reason, if you needed one, not to fly Ryanair.

I've flown Ryanair once, from "Paris" to "Glasgow". I put them in quotes because you actually fly from Beauvais, France, more than an hour by bus from Paris, and land in Prestwick, which is near Ayr, Scotland, 45 minutes from Glasgow. (I was actually headed to Edinburgh, so that meant a change of trains and stations in Glasgow and another trip of about a half-hour to Edinburgh.)

For me, at least, saving a few euros just wasn't worth the time and hassle. The discount airline that I can recommend is EasyJet. It serves major airports (for example both Paris Orly and Charles de Gaulle) and its fares are very reasonable.

Bons voyages! Evan in Paris