Subject: Re: Ryanair: no more checked baggage?
Hi all,

I flew on Ryanair a few times this summer, from and to Scotland. Both their website and the inflight magazine state their future policy of offering lower fares to passengers travelling with hand baggage only (the weight limit for cabin was increased this year from 7 to 10 kg) in order to have more people with less baggage and consequently lower handling costs and faster turnarounds. I doubt they'll ever be able to eliminate the checked luggage, since they also get a profit from the extra-allowances; in any case it's interesting you can save some money by travelling lighter, and I still remember my 40 minutes spent in Stansted for my checked bags as a very boring time. As for one piece of hand baggage, my experience is they are very strict about weight limits but things like duty-free or camera bags are usually overlooked.

Liking Ryanair or not, it's just a personal thing. Evan is lucky enough, not only because he lives in Paris :-), because he's close to a major European hub and he has a wide choice of airlines, while people living in Trieste (or any minor European town) are very happy when Ryanair flies into their local airport and offer a connection without going through the big hubs.

Bye Paolo Trieste, Italy