Subject: Visiting artists' haunts (was Impressionists' River Seine)
Frances and other Ziners, Mixing art and travel is a great idea. One of the more interesting "artistic" trips we've taken was a drive from Toronto to Winnipeg, passing through Group of Seven country. For Ziners unfamiliar with the Group, it comprised seven artists who painted at the beginning of the 20th century, primarily scenes from the rugged Canadian Shield area but also other scenes from Canada's wilderness. I didn't truly appreciate the work of these artists until I travelled through the areas they painted. Last year, the National Art Gallery in Ottawa held an exhibition of some of the Group's paintings from their stay in Western Canada, primarily Banff, Alberta. Having been to Banff many times, I was overwhelmed at the depictions created by these artists. Here's a site with some information.

Once, in Vancouver, I had a eureka moment when the sun set and I finally began to understand what Emily Carr (another Canadian painter) was trying to portray.

It's fascinating to visit the regions where artists painted and understand their interpretations, just as it is to read a book about a place that you have visited or want to visit.

On a slightly different note, we spent a night in Martigny, Switzerland, and visited the Pierre Gianadda Foundation. We saw, for the first time, photographs taken by Man Ray and became immediate fans. The gallery's permanent collection includes works by Picasso and Braque hanging side by side so the viewer can see the famous rivalry in action. If you are in the area of Martigny, don't miss it. Here's the Foundation site:

Lucy, Toronto (where it's more like Spring than Fall)