Subject: Re:Car Rentals in Boston
Hi All,

Thanks so much, Fanny for the excellent tip on Enterprise, definitely looks like the way to go.

And Susie, Many thanks for your kind offer of help and we would love to have some suggestions from you.

I'm almost embarrassed to say that this trip is not until next June. However we have usualy found that Car Rental prices are cheapest when booked very early and there is often no penalty for changes.

This trip is going to be Washington DC, New York and Boston. We will arrive in Boston June 22nd and leave for home June 28th.

At this point, only our flights are booked, everything else is in the "Maybe" stage. As I said, we hope to spend 3 nights on the North Shore but haven't decided how to do that. 3 nights in one place and tour around or overnight stops up the coast. Any thoughts on that would be great.

Later, We'll be asking for more suggestions for all 3 cities as neither Bob or I have visited any one of them before.

Thanks again. Best regards, Judy Abbotsford BC