Subject: Re: Spain in April
Hi Frank,

As you are planning to travel in Spain, you will miss the Holy Week (next year it falls on the 27th of March). I would say it is both a pity and a blessing, because if you are keen in Sevilla, you should have already booked accomodation there, and be prepared for steep prices.

But the Feria de Abril, the big festival in Sevilla, will be on from the 12th to the 17th of April. Prices will also be high and reservations are mandatory, but many hotels have quite interesting packages. The Sol Melia chain begins with the offers in December or January for the Tryp Macarena. Last year, they were offering a two-nights package including breakfast, transport in a horse carriage to the Feria and entrance to one of the "casetas" at around 300 Euros. Right now, they donīt have any offer yet, and the best price they have is 160 Euro per night. Bancotel doesnīt have any hotel at all, nor does NH Hoteles. I donīt think that there have been any discussion lately about hotels in Sevilla, but I might be wrong ...

Now, before I forget, I would like also to recommend the link mentioned by David. One of the frequent contributors there, vserna, is a well known spanish journalist and I follow his recommendations on the radio every Friday. If you happen to understand spanish, the following website could be really interesting when planning a trip to Spain to places a bit out of the usual track. Last week they were reviewing the area around Almagro, in La Mancha.

Kind regards,

Covadonga Regil Bilbao - Spain