Subject: Re: Trip to York, UK
Hi Jennie,

I was in York in March of 2002. My guidebook has been passed on so this is from memory. We did stay at a B&B called the Sycamore which is a few streets outside the 'gate' by the Minster.

The Sycamore 19, Sycamore Place Bootham York North Yorkshire YO30 7DW Tel: 01904 624712

This would be considered a budget accomodation.

My idea of must do's:

Evensong at the Minster Walk the walls Walk the Shambles (wonderful shopping streets) Eat at Betty's on St Helen's Square (lunch or tea) Take the ghost walk that leaves from the Minster. There are several museums that may be open on Easter weekend.

Train details are easily worked out on You can make reservations on line, pay by credit card and have the tickets sent to your hotel. They do not mail to the US. You will probably have to book from York to London (King's Cross), transfer to Paddington by tube or taxi and take the Heathrow Express to the airport. Your other alternative is a slow train to Reading and then a bus to the airport.

Even if most of the shops are closed, York is a great place to just be. If all you do is walk around, you will find wonderful memories of York.

Barbara in CT