Subject: Re: Smoke-free pubs?

With regards to a recent thread on smoke-free pubs in Ireland, overall "on"-licence trade (ie pub and restaurant) alchol trade is only slightly down. However, within the pub trade itself there has been a decline in turnover for pub that do not have outdoor facilties such as beer gardens, where smoking is still permitted - ie smoking is banned inside (in "enclosed" places) but not in the garden - but trade has risen in pubs where there are beer garden or similar outdoor facilties.

It is expected that overall trade will decline during the winter months compared to last year. This remains to be seen.

Some of the large liqour companies are reporting increased sales of RTD (ready-to-drink) alchol in the take-home market, indicating that people are taking alchol, especially beer and spirits, home where they can continue to smoke.

Mark Sukhija in London