Subject: Re: Spain in April
Hi, Covadonga and Frank

As you, possibly, read my previous message, I also agree that both of events mentioned by Covandonga are unforgettable MUST. At least, for me. I visited them in 2002. Semana Santa was at the end of March and Feria - at the mid of April. I've made my bookings in January. But still, if you, Frank, have a car, it's not a problem to take hotel in surroundings of Sevilla, like Osuna or even better - Carmona (a really wonderful little town with plenty of historic buildings). So, I think that you can relax. Don't you agree with me, Covadonga? Anyway, if you want to stay in Sevilla, than make a booking in advance. Also, I'd not pay so much to enter caseta - anyway the Feria happens in many casetas and not just in one caseta. It's much more interesting to cruise between different casetas, trying to find the music matching your tastes, meeting locals, chatting with them Staying in one caseta with all foreign or even Spanish tourists can be too boring. During these evenings I've made a lot of photos inside different casetas - each has its own design and own public. I was even invited into some of casetas. Here are some very good sites.

(As the last site says in 2005 the Feria starts at April 11. At the eve of the first day they turn the lights of Feira on. I loved this event very much).

And again, don't forget about Alcoy! It is also a must and happens usually at April 22-24. You can ask Carol Bailey, Israela and Bettina who could see my photos from this event.

Sincerely, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel