Subject: Re: Backpack travel
Hi Sue, We always travel with backpacks only --- plus a small carry- on when going on vacation -- with the exception of City travel (i.e.Paris or London) We don't use the wheel kind as they, from what we've been told, are very cumbersome and they are not all that comfortable to wear for long periods of time. We wear ours always when getting onto ferries, trains, etc., and stow them away when traveling by car or bus. We do find it's more difficult to find things quickly but we now put everything into plastic bags that make it easier to see and find what we need. It's always nice to have arms and hands free to climb on and off of buses and/or steep ferry stairs where both hands are sometimes needed. I would highly recommend this way to travel. Also, we don't mind the weight and we can move around people in airports and train/bus stations if we're in a hurry. Good luck, Regards, Susie Newton, MA