Subject: Re: Backpack travel

I read Doug's considered reply carefully, but I still heartily recommend our Eagle Creek Switchback 22" rolling bags. We've taken two 3-week trips to Europe with only these carry-on bags which have a zip off daypack. They are light enough to wear as backpacks when you need both hands free (and I'm 5'4", 130 lbs) and use as wheeled rolling bag as well. We trained around Europe with tight connections and these were never an impediment. They also fit in the overhead bins of the airlines, so no checked luggage!

I try to minimize weight by photocopying pertinent sections of guidebooks, but I still took a few light ones along, as well as tons of maps, small hairdryer, even a tiny travel iron!

Perhaps I would have been happier with something even lighter, I don't know, but I appreciated being able to roll the bag whenever I wanted.

Regards, Pam in Sunnyvale, CA