Subject: Re: Bags
Ziners, Thank you for you input everyone. One of our problems is the amount of camera equipment that we carry with us. We just went digital and exchanged our light weight Canon SLR's for, wait for it---heavier digital SLR's. I know digital should be lighter but this doesn't apply to the SLR's. By the time we invested in a range of quality Canon lenses, the weight was up even further. Add to this the small and compact equipment needed to view our images and save on a hard drive, our equipment weight is up considerably. Photography is such an important part of travel for us that these things are non negotiable. Cameras have to be hand luggage so any bag we choose will have to be checked. Tony carries most of the camera equipment in a camera backpack when we are out and about and I carry just my camera and my 'walk about' lens. I also have the day pack with water and daily essentials for both of us. This would probably be most peoples idea of a nightmare trip but it works for us.

I have just realized that I have an old Lonely Planet from the days when they combined Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. I might be able to take that with just photocopies of the latest getting around and accommodation pages. Clothes shoes etc. will be down to the minimum. Alex Tilley says we can travel the world for an indefinite period of time with only two pairs of knickers and socks. Just as well, at his prices we can't afford anymore!! Thank you again, we have a lot to consider.

Regards from Sue Waterloo ON