Subject: Re: Bali in April 2005
Hi Mary,

In reply to your query about Bali, my husband and I are going to Indonesia in just over a week's time. We shall be there for six weeks. We probably will visit Bali over Christmas so I would be happy to report back to you once we return in mid January. There is still a warning for Indonesia from the Canadian Embassy, but we are not overly concerned. This will be my third trip to Indonesia; I was in Java for eight months in 1955/56 and my husband and I were in Java and Bali in 1990 for about four weeks. Bali is indeed very beautiful and the people are generally very friendly. However, Indonesia is a poor country, so you should be on your guard against pickpockets and other petty crime. I gather from my niece, who is now living in Jakarta, that it is not advisable to use credit cards in Indonesia except in Western chain hotels and for airline tickets.

Ann Widdowson Victoria, BC