Subject: Re: Trip to York, UK
Jennie H,

I was in York the week before Easter in 1994. It is a wonderful city that provides a fascinating view back into history. It has a language all its own - streets are called gates, gates are called bars and bars are called pubs. You'll catch on quickly.

I stayed at the Kismet Guest House at 147 Haxby Rd which I found through the York Tourist Office. I remember it as plain but clean, comfortable and quiet (my main criteria).

York's history includes the Romans, Norse, Normans and Anglo-Saxons. I took a free walking tour sponsored by the York Volunteers that told us the story of York and showed us some of the extant evidence of all of those cultures. I signed up for the tour at the York Tourist Office (a font of good information).

I also really enjoyed the traditional music at the Punch Bowl Inn at 7 Stonegate (within the city walls). It is a pub that featured local musicians joining in for spontaneous shows. Even if you are not a fan of English or Northumbrian music (or have no idea what it is), the evening is a great way to feel like a local rather than a tourist. All for the price of a pint. It is said that the Punch Bowl has resident ghosts but I did not see them the evening I was there. A little more info:

As I recall, I was on a train on Easter Sunday from Edinburgh to London. I had no problems finding a seat.

Have a great trip!

Mark in Los Angeles