Subject: Re: Bags
Dear Sue,

I also have a similar problem. I'm not a true backpack person but I have the 21 in. back pack. One with wheels and one without. I like the one with wheels for transport but the one without is better(lighter) as a day pack. So for my Feb. Trip I have to decide which one. I can not imagine using a 26 in backpack since my smaller one weighs 25 lbs by the time I get camera, film, water, rain gear, one change of clothes, medicines, and toiletries. One thing you will need: make sure the one with wheels has a padded flap that folds down to protect your clothes and backside. The camera backpack looked very good except it might be to specific for camera. It definitely looked like it would protect and make it easy to find equipment. I know from looking at your pictures that they are important to you.

Wilma from warm but cloudy K.C.