Subject: Re: wheels
Hello Travelers:

I love wheeled luggage. Even my ski bag has wheels. When I was looking for a new business briefcase in which I could carry my laptop I spied a wonderful case in Andorra. At the time I saw it a gentleman had taken it off the shelf and was testing it. I was envious. When he put it back, I scooped it and bought it. It is terrific. I have a backpack with wheels and while it is superb, it lacks space. Nevertheless, everything else we have with wheels is terrific. Wheels keep me from being miserable in airports. I even bought a portable foldable wheeled carrier for the luggage that does not have wheels. It folds into a dimunitive size and can be stored in my non-wheeled luggage. I rarely use it for all our other luggage has wheels.

As you get older (okay I confess to being older) you get wiser. Why burden yourself running through airports carrying luggage? Why heft luggage from car to door? Wheels relieve a great deal of stress. I think that the inventor of wheeled luggage and the incorporation of the in-line skate wheels should get the Nobel Peace Prize. That luggage has keep peace on our travels.

Overhead bins in aircraft? The wheeled luggage fits just fine. Just don't try to stuff luggage that really should be stored in the belly of the plane.

Nevertheless, you may have less space in a wheeled carrier, but you pack accordingly. We have never had a problem with packing for a several week trip in wheeled luggage. Plan ahead. I have lugged my computer bag too many times through airports. Give me wheels in every situation.

Tom in Carlisle contemplating wheels for the next trip.